WaIoT is a kit of IoT devices for the prevention of damage caused by flooding in domestic and office environments.

In particular, with WaIoT it is possible to create a home automation and control system, through which you no longer have to worry about closing the water every time you leave home or when you leave for a holiday.

The WaIoT kit integrates:

- a data management and centralization module (data management and centralization hub)

- a module for reading the water flow (Flowmeter module)

- a module for closing / opening the water flow (FlowStop module)

- two smart sockets that allow WaIoT to monitor if an appliance is using water (Smart Power Outlet module)

- access to the remote system for intelligent data management and processing in the cloud

- access to our evolved Android App through which the dialogue between you and WaIoT is realized.

WaIoT is completely configurable, you can choose to configure the kit with the devices you prefer from those listed. Forward is available the rental formula with annual tariff.