Smart Home is defined as a house that is above all strongly connected and that has devices that can autonomously decide how to behave in specific monitored situations.

Today's scenario is full of solutions for advanced home automation, or solutions that are able to make any home in a smart home.

Smart Home

The common point of almost all such solutions is the use of 2 fundamental elements:

- a hub for the management and centralization of local data monitored at home and communication to the outside world. This aspect can be achieved by means of multiple indifferent technology, if not depending on the operating characteristics of the environment intended for the installation of the analyzed system (ethernet, WiFi, LTE, etc.).

- a local communication protocol that allows the hub to communicate with the sensors and / or with the actuators located in the home. In this regard, there are many different communication protocols, all of which pay attention to ensuring efficient energy management of the monitored devices. In this regard, the most used protocols are: Zigbee and Zigbee Pro, BLE (affected by a reduced range), Z-Wave, LoraWan, WMBus (particularly in vogue for measuring devices and meters).

WaIoT is obviously able to transform your home into a Smart Home, being equipped with a set of sensors / actuators that can be installed in a domestic environment, capable of communicating with the Zigbee protocol with a local gateway, which in turn establishes a communication to the cloud remote hosting the intelligent data processing and management system.