WaIoT basic kit - rental formula
  • WaIoT basic kit - rental formula

[rent] WaIoT - Basic kit v. 1.0

Here is the new Intelligent No Flooding System - Basic Kit (v. 1.0): real-time security, control and remote connectivity. Thanks to the control of home appliances and to the intelligent alarm management algorithm WaIoT guarantees safety in the management of hydraulic risk and makes your life quieter. The WaIoT user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, WaIoT will bring simple questions about the app to simplify the management of water supply at home. WaIoT monitors water consumption based on your location and will close your main valve only if necessary.

With the rental solution you decide to pay a fixed annual amount. You will thus have the guarantee of always having the latest version of WaIoT (hardware and software).

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What is included in the WaIoT - Basic Kit v. 1.0?

WaIoT Hub for the integrated intelligent data management and monitoring of the Internet Bridge, power plug, Ethernet cable, fixing screws, adhesive pads, FlowMeter module to be connected to the hydraulic line.

What should I do once I receive the WaIoT - Basic Kit v. 1.0?

The WaIoT Hub connects to the internet via the router. The communication between the WaIoT Hub and the FlowMeter (as well as all the other optional modules) takes place via radio. As soon as you receive the Kit, you only have to connect the WaIoT Hub with the Ethernet cable supplied to your router and install (we suggest you contact an expert installer) the FlowMeter to the water supply line to your house, immediately downstream of your main counter.

At this point you will have to download the WaIoT app from the Google Play Store and proceed to a few simple steps that will lead you to the first configuration of the device (if you prefer you can also connect from PC to the Web that you find in the manual included in the kit, using the credentials provided at the time of purchase)