Find the best WaIoT configuration for your home

The WaIoT system is compatible with almost all systems, brands and types of water meters. It is possible to choose between various WaIoT configurations, choosing to control only the water flow up to monitor the energy absorption of your appliances.

How does WaIoT work?

For maximum security and savings related to the absence of damage, install WaIoT in your home. You only have to connect the FlowStop module to your hydraulic line downstream of the main meter and the WaIoT hub to your internet router

WaIoT - no flooding system based on Internet of Things

Are you on vacation at 10,000 km from home? No problem, WaIoT works for you. WaIoT is always connected to the Internet. Furthermore WaIoT learns to know you and adapts to your habits to always ensure maximum security; when he does not know how to behave, he contacts you directly on the app and asks you a few simple questions to understand your organization and what decision it must take in these conditions.